Saturday, May 26, 2012

A few new photos

I need to get some metal tomato cages.  My plants are breaking the little plastic ones they came with. 
 The Don Juan roses continue to grow quite strangely.
 I'm excited to see some new blooms coming out of this beauty.
 This passion fruit vine was half dead for a while, but now it has a few fruits growing on it.  Exciting!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 Things about Growing Corn... not good

4 things I've learned about corn this spring:

1.  Corn needs a LOT of water to stay healthy.
2.  Corn is very vulnerable to pests.
3.  Puppies love to dig up cornstalks.
4.  Corn is so cheap in season that I can buy a bunch that was locally grown and prepare and freeze it just as I would the corn I harvested here.

I've given up on the corn. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Buttery Garden

I planted my little butterfly (and, dare I hope, hummingbird) garden on Tuesday.  I still need to clear out some grass and re-bury the edging, but so far, so good.
 The half-dead hibiscus (still not fully recovered from a frost) and Coarl Honeysuckle along the fence were already there). 

Let's see if I can remember the names of the others without checking my notes...
The tall one on the left is "Lady Di" Heliconia (Parrot Flower)
The big bushy ones in red and yellow-orange are Ixora.
The little yellow ones are Golden Shrimp Plant (had to look that one up).
 My Heliconia had a bit offshoot which I potted for future planting or gift-giving.
 One of my new bulbs I planted in the early spring has a bud.  So exciting!!!  Lots more have popped up, but this is the first flower.