Monday, February 20, 2012

Citrus Trees

Here is a look at my citrus trees, all gifts last spring from my husband's kind parents. 

Here is the lime tree.  I was worried it wouldn't make it after two frosts that made it drop a lot of leaves, but it has pulled through with flying colors! 
 It produced a few limes last year, despite it's small size.  No buds yet, but it did have a visitor today.
Here is my little loquat tree.  I had never even heard of a loquat before last year.  It's surrounded by some fence pieces for climbing peas , but they're here now to keep my puppy from digging.
 Here are my two orange trees.  One is in the front and the other is in the back right. 
 One has just one bud, but the other is exploding with them!

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  1. Did you start your loquat from seed? We want to grow a loquat here, too. They are soooo good, and are a great addition to smoothies!