Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Orchid Regrowth!

I never mentioned my orchid-fail due to extreme embarassment.  :-(  I last posted about my orchid here, proud of its new growth and promise of fresh flowers.  As the buds swelled and prepared to bloom, I brought the orchid indoors and put it in a spot of honor.  Not able to leave well enough alone, though, I tried to stand the stalk a little more upright and, sadly, it snapped like a twig!  I brought it back outside to wait another 4 months for a new stalk, but nature is amazing!  The pent up growing energy in the orchid immediately burst out throught the stalk to form this shoot.  :-)  You'd best believe I'm leaving that thing alone.
...And here is a spot that makes me smile.  I've been trying to work a green and coral color scheme on the lanai, and I found this pot at Target recently.  I filled it with two low maintenance flowering succulents (I think they're succulents anyway, but I may be wrong), and I can't walk by without smiling. 

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