Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am seeing the success of my butterfly-attracting gardening this fall.  Often, I look out my window and see a pretty orange or white blur fluttering by.  I can see how the caterpillars are loving my milkweed and passion vines (although not the vine that bears fruit for some reason).  I don't know if you can see the little orange lines allover this passion vine:
Another effect of all the caterpillars is the smattering of cocoons around my yard.  Here is one that took up residence on a fence rail.
The oddest place I find them, though, i son my new lanai screen!  Does anyone know if this will damage my screen?  I have three right now.



And with number three, my boys and I got to watch the caterpillar form its cocoon.  There was a lot of wiggling...
and flailing...
like trying to put on a too-small turtleneck...
which is a lot like what this cocoon-creation looks like.
*** Ok, I just have to update a few hours later.  I juar did a google search about this to see if it will hurt the screen, and the first search result was...  my blog post!!  Am I seriously the only person who has had butterfly cocoons on her screen room?  I'll definitely update after they open up and let everyone know if there are giant holes in my screen or anything. :-)

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  1. Hi Jenny. I've had butterflies cocoons just about everywhere and never had I seen any damage. The tip of the cocoon is so very tiny and I'm betting once all is said and done, you'll be able to pick it off without a trace of it ever being there!