Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Veggies growing

Hello hello!  I'm back.  Sorry for the unintended break there.  So much excitement with
summer and the beginning of school.  Let's get right back into it:

This is the first growing season I've filled up all three 4x8 edibles beds.

I think I got started with them a bit late, but it just seemed way to hot to plant earlier.

First, we have carrots on the left (barely sprouted), peas climbing their fences, and soon-to-be planted more green onions.

Next we have the herb garden in front, and towards the back, two tomato plants (one big tomatoes, one cherry tomatoes), blueberry bushes, and some cantaloupe vines starting up.

Last, we have potatoes in the front have and lettuce in the back (with a bit I still need to de-grass to plant some more lettuce).  Not too shabby for only year two.

This isn't a veggie but I'm happy to see this little passionfruit growing steadily on the vine that was nearly dead 6 months ago.

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  1. Welcome Back! Keep us posted on your veggies progress . . . .