Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finding the Perfect Spot

One thing I struggle with sometimes is finding the perfect spot for a plant.  Here are two good examples:

This mandevilla died back almost to the ground this winter but it is thriving now.  Somehow, I lucked into a very happy spot for this plant.  I don't have to do a thing and it bursts withi blooms.
 However, I have had this knockout rose bush for several years and it doesn't grow or produce many fowers.  I planted it by the house to give it a bit of shade during the heat of the day, but maybe it doesn't get enough sun.  The Don Juan to the left of it, though (not in the photo) is doing great.  Are knockouts more heat tolerant?  Should I move it to a sunnier locale?

1 comment:

  1. Any advice from me would surely kill your rose! But I will say I have one knockout rose planted in full sun and it is doing wonderfully - which is saying a great deal because I have the hardest time growing roses.