Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer goings on

We are getting into the thick of summer here.  I of course mean thick humidity.  Not much in the way of edibles will grow at this point.  The tomatoes and beans are finished.  The herbs are trudgeing alone nicely, though.  Last week, I did plant some small watermelons and hearty peas that may have a chance, according to what I've read.  The watermelon vines are coming up nicely and the peas have just started sprouting.
 I have some late-bloomer gladiolas.  :-)  Nearby, my gladiolas have all bloomed and are finished, but I have about four along the fenceline that I planted several years ago and are starting to bloom now.  I love my fenceline.  :-) 

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  1. Pretty gladiolas . . . and a very pretty view!