Monday, May 19, 2014

Birdhouse from "Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders"

Hello there!  Last week, I got lost in the gardening section of the library and came away with three books on making birdhouses.  Over the weekend, I made this cutie pie.
The best part is I had all of the materials laying around my garage and crafty closet.  I have enough scrap wood for at least a dozen more, I think.  Now that I know the basics of constructing them, and what the birds supposedly like, I feel confident to make some more in different styles.  I really like the thatched roof look.  Very cute, even with my sad first attempt.  

The main book I used is Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders by Colin McGhee.  There were a few problems I found with the instructions for this particular house.  Constructing it exactly as the directions state means the roof and base pieces don't fit.  I was able to adjust, but it might be confusing to someone with no woodworking experience.  I looked for some type of errata web page for the book but couldn't find one.

I didn't take a photo of the end with the hole, of course, but trust me, it's there.  :-)

I also found this U of F webpage with information on nesting birds in Florida and what they like in a birdhouse.  Very helpful.

 I didn't make this all by myself, of course.  I did have help measuring, marking, gluing, nailing, and painting.  I saved the sawing for myself, though.
It looks like the pole is leaning, but whatcha gonna do?  You can also see the remains of my spent pea vines.  Loved those peas!

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  1. Cute birdhouse! What is my goofy nephew up to? He and Patrick are going to be a dynamic duo of naughtiness in a few weeks.