Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Many thanks Mary and Rose for commenting on my new blog. :-)  It's very encouraging. 

I really try to support local garden nurseries, but I do fall off the wagon and get flowers at big home improvement stores.  My most recent garden purchase was at Sam's Club.  I always wind up with the strangest things when I go there to get food.

These beauties are now in the ground.  I go check on them daily, waiting for some little green sprouts to poke through the earth. 

I'm still learning the seasons here and am not sure when to expect their grand entrance.


  1. Seasons are gonna get you upside down around here. Our fall tomato plants just blackened up from last week's cold snap. DH pulled off all the 'maters that were anywhere past green. We had planted them in October, but we should have planted them in September.

  2. I can't wait to see the hollyhocks. I'm going to follow your blog just for funsies - our seasons are a lot like yours, although we are colder in winter and way warmer in summer and it never rains. Other than that, exactly the same :-) We planted carrots, lettuce, and broccoli in the fall but it never took off. I'm thinking of starting some new seeds now that it is well and truly cold.