Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vegetable Garden planning

Ok.  Today's obsession is preparing for my vegetable garden.  I made a half-a... attempt last spring with my boys, planting seeds for peas and carrots in our sandy beach of a backyard, which were quickly gobbled up by some sort of critter. 

This spring, I'm gonna be on my game! 

I've been studying this textbook of an article on the University of Florida website.  Since our soil in the site of my veggie garden is pretty much sand, I'm planning to work in lots of garden soil from a garden center.  I originally planned to make raised beds with just garden soil, but I think I may go to route of improving the soil I have. 

I made a big Excel chart of all the vegetables I may someday like to grow, using the helpful charts in the article.  I'm excited to go cut some 2x4s and outline my beds!

This article also reminded me I need to get moving on making a compost bin.

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  1. I didn't know gators like carrots :-) We have a small compost bin made from a plastic storage bin. It's one of the ones like you'd put Christmas decs in out in the garage. You drill holes all over and set it in a sunny spot in the yard. Ours works well for grass clippings and veggie peels. We found the idea on the interwebz, so I'm sure if you google it, you'll find one as well.