Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to my new blog!  I'm starting this blog to focus on my gardening attempts in the Tampa bay area.  I have visions of a tropical oasis in my little corner of suburbia, but I have no experience gardening in Florida and very little experience gardening anywhere else, hence the blog title.  I am the Florida Garden Grasshopper, trying to learn and become a master while creating a beautiful garden along the way.

I moved to Florida almost 18 months ago and excitedly plopped down some rose bushes and wildflower seeds.  Then I realized my "soil" is almost all sand and I'd better do a little research before spending money on plants that won't work or I don't know how to care for.  Two of my rose bushes are doing well, but that was about all that survived the year.

Not long after I started gardening here, I hunted for some Florida garden blogs to give me ideas, and I had trouble finding ones that are updated more than monthly.  So here is my humble contribution.  I'm hoping my failures and successes will give a little info and entertainment to fellow southern gardeners. 

For about a year now, I've very sporatically posted some flower photos on my other blog, Knitting Jenny.  The first thing I'm implementing here is Friday Pretties, just some pretty and interesting photos from around the yard.  Here's the first installment:

So I forget what this is called.  I just picked it up at Home Depot about a month ago to fill a hole, but it's going strong!  It survived two frosty nights in a row.

This is milkweed, which is supposedly a great plant for monarch butterflies and much needed in this area.  The dutiful wildlife conservationist that I am, I went to my local nursery looking for some, and they threw this little offshoot in for free when I bought a bunch of other stuff).  The nursery owner told me to leave it in the pot until it's a bit bigger, and it will spread quickly, so I'm still tryinig to decide where to put it.

 A pretty pink rose... in January... two nights after a frost.  :-)  Ahhh I love roses.

This is one of my two hydrangea bushes.  I LOVE hydrangeas but know nothing about growing them, save what my friendly nursery owner taught me.  I'm leaving these bushes alone because I understand they set their buds in the fall and then flower in the spring, so if you go pruning them in the fall or winter, you'll cut off the buds.  I was surprised this week to see some flowers starting to emerge.  I hope the frost didn't damage them.  I probably should have covered them.

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  1. I forget what the white flower is called, too! We moved from Clearwater to Daytona over five years ago.

    I occasionally post about my garden on my blog, which is an unmeasured mix of sewing, cooking, gardening, and health.