Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Raised Vegetable Beds

Here are my three beautiful vegetable beds!  I'm almost as proud of them as I am of my children.  Is that wrong?  I used pressure treated 2x6s and 4x4 posts I bought last summer for a project I never even started.  Some of the boards were pretty warped, but whatevs.  Good enough for flower beds. 

I totally use my kids' wagon to haul 40 lb bags of dirt from the driveway to my back yard.  Someday I'll buy a yard cart or wheelbarrow or something.  The bed on the left is ready (except I added 3 more bags of soil this afternoon).  I made the posts a few inches deeper than the 2x6s so I could set them in the ground a bit.  The two beds on the right haven't been set in yet. 

3 4/8' beds may seem a bit excessive for my first real veggie garden, but my boys helped me pick out seeds, and they include ground-gobblers like corn, cantaloupe, and watermelon.  Yeah.  We'll see how that goes.

Here you can see how little my new-suburban-development backyard is, although my pie-shaped lot gives me a big side yard on the other side, which is mostly full of a swingset and sandbox.  That corner of a wall on the left is part of my house.  I'm all about making the most of the yard you've got... and being grateful there's no more of it to mow and water.

Here is my little rose garden.  I have big plans for enlargeing it, of course.  :-)  Doesn't everyone have a rose garden right next to their A/C unit?  The little plant on the left is a Milkweed, loved by Monarchs.  I'm waiting for it to grow a bit more before planting it in the ground.  As for the roses, I pruned them back for spring except the Don Juan on the left.

How could I hack off these two glorious buds??  I'll prune it all after they open enough to cut and put in a vase.

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  1. How very exciting . . . new, empty beds are like a blank canvas to an artist!

    That one milkweed plant you have will turn into many once you plant it. I started out with 3-4 and now have probably close to a 100 popping up here and there. Which is OK because the butterflies will nibble everyone of them down to the ground come spring. Actually - it's year round, but in the spring they are crazy!

    Good luck with your garden! Can't wait to see your progress.